Is alkaline water better than plain water?

Water is a necessity for life on a planet

Water is extremely important for life but is alkaline water better than plain water? We need water to use water to drink to stay hydrated since our bodies are made of 70% of water. So saying that water is just water is not true. You would not want to drink polluted water that could make you very sick. You can contract diseases from the water which can cause severe pain. The source of the water is extremely important as well as how it’s been purified and its properties. One of these properties is the pH level of the water.

alkaline water better than plain waterpH level of water

If you test different brands of water and different sources you will notice that the pH level of these different types of water varies. If you like to test this yourself you can purchase a pH meter to check the level. The lower the pH number the more acidic the water is. The higher the pH number the more alkaline the water is. Alkaline water has a pH level above 7. 7 is considered the midpoint between acidic and alkaline. It is neutral. Alkaline water has properties which can help neutralize acid in your bloodstream. It helps your body absorb nutrients efficiently which was the effect of boosting you metabolism. This boost in metabolism will increase the ability for the body to lose weight if you are trying to diet. A lot of people blame their slow metabolism for being overweight and by drinking alkaline water can solve this problem and make reaching your goal much easier. Check out some of our reviews of pH meters.

Alkaline water benefits

Is alkaline water better than plain water? Alkaline water may also have the ability by helping to prevent disease and by slowing the aging process by keeping the body in an alkaline state. Diseases have a tough time surviving in an alkaline state. They have a much harder time trying to reproduce in the body thus making it harder for the disease or bacteria to get you sick. The main idea behind drinking alkaline water is to balance the body’s pH level. The acid is the reason behind the cell degradation process. The alkaline water will help prevent the cells from breaking down by preventing acid build up in the body.

alkaline water better than plain water

Alkaline water pH level

There are many brands of alkaline water that you can purchase. They all have a different pH level and a pH tester can be used to verify the claims on the bottle. The higher the pH the more alkaline the water will be. A pH level of 10 is much more alkaline than a pH level of 8 for example. There are also home water ionizers that can create alkaline water in the convenience of your own home. Each machine will produce alkaline water at a different pH level which you can verify with the pH tester.

alkaline water better than plain water

Alkaline water health benefits

In all, alkaline water is protective for your health.  There are many reviews on its benefits where it provides you with more energy, helps to hydrate your body more effectively, improves the taste of food when it is used for cooking, it helps the body to absorb nutrients more effectively, etc. The boast in metabolism that it provides can help fight obesity and high blood pressure.

Is alkaline water better than plain water?

When given the option alkaline water is the better choice over plain old water. Check out our review of some of the alkaline water brands.


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